Theme Night Wines | Family during winter

The weather outside is getting cloudier as the sky gets full with the potential for snow. The sun is setting earlier and earlier, and by this point, you may be thinking of how you’re already tired of winter.

Though winter can seem to drag on indefinitely, and you might already be looking at those pictures of you at the beach this past summer in envy, winter doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, winter can actually be quite fun (especially when you’ve got some winter wine on hand)!

Here are some fun winter activities that are perfect for enjoying the season.

If it’s been a while since you’ve gone on a vacation, (or maybe it’s not been that long at all!), winter is the new summer for going on a perfect winter getaway. Whether you end up going to a ski resort, your private lake house, a fancy hotel, or maybe even a state park where you can enjoy the frigid air, take advantage of all that winter has to offer by preparing ahead of time.

Plan your itinerary closely so that you and your family can make sure there’s enough time to do all the activities you wouldn’t normally do at home. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes, jackets, shoes, and of course, a bottle of your favorite winter wine to wind down with at the end of your activity-filled, perfect winter getaway.

Theme Night Wines | Family playing on snow


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being outdoors. It’s time to zip up those jackets and get moving! These fun winter activities will be sure to liven up even the grayest winter day!

Theme Night Wines | Lady playing on snow


Snow has a way of capturing the magic of winter, so why not capture it even further by playing in it? Put some mittens or gloves on you and the kids, and then get ready to build snowmen and snow forts! Maybe even have an epic snowball fight. If there’s a good hill nearby, you and the kids can also go sledding.

Theme Night Wines | Friends on a Snow


If you don’t already have an outdoor fire pit, considering building one for the backyard. This is a great way to get out in the cold with friends and family without feeling the cold. Fires have a way of bringing people together. Try having a storytelling gathering around the fire as everyone bundles up in warm blankets and comfy outdoor seating.

Theme Night Wines | Family on a fireplace


After having a great time outside, it’s starting to get dark. The cold is more noticeable, so you’re probably ready to come inside, take off those winter boots, and get warm. There are so many ways one can get nice and cozy. Whether you’re with family, friends, pets, or are enjoying some alone time, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy the warmth.

Theme Night Wines | Snow Barbecue


Instead of watching tv in the living room when you get inside, switch things up by having an indoor fire. After all, your fireplace is probably looking lonely after all of those warmer seasons. It’s time to give it some TLC. Dust off the mantle, clear out old logs and load it up with your favorite-smelling, fresh wood for the perfect winter evening indoors. Then, get ready to warm your cold hands and rosy cheeks as your fireplace crackles with delight!

A fire in the fireplace is a great way to set the mood, whether you’re planning on reading a nice book, cuddling under the blankets with your significant other, or sharing stories of winters past with your family.

Theme Night Wines | Hot Chocolate


Kids love hot chocolate, and quite frankly, so do adults! So, why not get creative in the kitchen by making your very own hot chocolate? Whip out the pot, big mixing spoon, and your favorite ingredients for hot chocolate, and get cooking!

Here are a few ingredients to help you make the perfect hot chocolate:

  • cocoa powder
  • milk
  • sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • and of course, marshmallows!

Feel free to add in your own flavors, such as peppermint, clove, nutmeg, (or even some chili powder!) to give your hot chocolate a kick that’ll warm you and the kids up. Better yet, while your kids enjoy the hot chocolate, the adults can enjoy a bottle of our Winter Night Wine.

Theme Night Wines | Sweet Couple


If fun winter activities outdoors, perfect winter getaways, winter or travel itineraries aren’t your thing, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a bit of romance, winter is the best season for spicing up an evening with your romantic partner.

When in search for a Wine that is perfect for a Cozy Winter Night by the Fire, or a Holiday Dinner with Family, Winter Night Pinot Noir with it’s soft elegant bouquet is perfect”

After eating, you might also wish to make use of the fireplace. As the snow flurries dance around outside your window and the fire crackles, you and your loved one can snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of decadent wine. Sounds like the best evening ever, right?

Theme Night Wines | Winter Night


If fun winter activities outdoors, perfect winter getaways, winter or travel itineraries aren’t your thing, or maybe you’re just in the mood for a bit of romance, winter is the best season for spicing up an evening with your romantic partner.

Our Pinot Noir Winter Night Wine is a fan favorite, providing avid wine connoisseurs with the perfect flavors and textures to give you that extra bit of warmth you’re still seeking from your fun winter activities.

Imported from Northern Italy, the Winter Night Wine is a high-quality, yet affordable, wine for cold winter nights. It has a soft, exquisite flavor that has subtle hints of red berries. Our Winter Wine pairs best with brie, mozzarella, and other soft cheeses. It also goes well with cured meats, fatty fish, burgers, roasted chicken, and pasta dishes.

End your winter nights with chocolate-covered strawberries and a crisp glass of our Winter Night Wine to have the ultimate end to your winter day!