What Is Galentine’s Day and How to Celebrate It

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

It’s almost time to start showing the loving, and we don’t mean for your significant other! Did you know that the day before Valentine’s Day is referred to as Galentine’s day? This unofficial holiday that takes place on February 13th is a great time to show your girlfriends that you value them.

All ladies, whether single, married, or dating, are celebrated on this special day. It’s a day of empowerment and uplifting all female friends, and many women have taken to celebrating Galentine’s day as a way of showing their appreciation and love for one another.

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Prior to your Galentine’s Day event, you’ll want to do some planning. But before we get into the Galentine’s Day ideas, you should first choose a Galentine’s Day theme! Your party décor and Galentine’s Day ideas will look best when they match.

Maybe make some goody bags for your girlfriends and make Galentine’s Day cards with inspirational, personalized messages to show each friend how special they are.

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Below are some of the best Galentine’s Day ideas that you can incorporate into your party.

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Paint and Sip

Who doesn’t like painting and drinking wine? To stay safe this year, you and your female friends can paint and drink in style at home. Simply pick a picture that’s fun, buy some canvases, paintbrushes, and paints, and be sure to have a bottle of Ladies Night wine on hand to make it even more exciting.

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Make a Galentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

You can also make a Valentine’s-inspired charcuterie board for your girlfriends. Charcuterie boards are a fun, creative, and tasty way to make the most out of small, at-home gatherings.

With everyone stuck at home this year hoping to play it safe but still have fun with close friends, now’s your chance! Here’ s how you can make a Galentine’s Day dessert board:

  • Buy a good mixture of candies, chocolates, and other sweets.
  • Add in a variety of dips, crunchy snacks, flavors, and colors for eye candy.
  • Maybe include your girlfriends in baking some desserts for the board.
  • Arrange the board in various layers and heights so that it looks dimensional and exciting.

If you want to save on expenses, ask each attendee to bring a few of their favorite treats to the party, and to give you a head’s up so that you can fill in the gaps with treats that would make the board look complete.
Place your bottle of wine and wine glasses for each attendee behind the board once you’ve made it and be sure to take pictures. You could even use a cute polaroid to make picture-taking fun and retro!

Place your bottle of wine and wine glasses for each attendee behind the board once you’ve made it and be sure to take pictures. You could even use a cute polaroid to make picture-taking fun and retro!

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Movie Marathon Night

Who says staying at home means you have to do everything yourself? Take the easy route this Valentine’s Day by hiring a private chef to come to your house and impress your date with the meal of a lifetime!

Grab some popcorn, candy, and a few glasses of our Ladies Night wine and get ready to watch some of the best movies that focus on friendship, such as these:

  1. First Wives Club
    2. Mama Mia: The Movie
    3. Pitch Perfect
    4. The Joy Luck Club
    5. A League of their Own
    6. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
    7. Beaches
    8. Hidden Figures
    9. Brides Maids
    10. Waiting to Exhale
    11. Steel Magnolias
    12. Thelma and Louise
    13. Working 9 to 5
    14. Now and Then
    15. Fried Green Tomatoes

Healthy in 2021?

If you’re hoping for a healthier snack to accompany your Galentine’s activities, consider the following Galentine’s Day ideas that will be sure to keep you on track with your health while providing both you and your girlfriends lots of fun!

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Fun Outdoor Activities

Though the pandemic has put a hamper on many fun ways to get together with friends, you can still do some fun outdoor activities for Galentine’s Day. For friends who are determined to keep up their New Year’s resolutions, here are a few Galentine’s activities for outdoors:

  • plan a winter hike
  • go on a ski trip
  • schedule a dance or pole dancing class
  • do group yoga together
Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Brunch with the Ladies

Brunch is a favorite pastime for those looking to catch up with their friends. To stick with healthy eating, consider the following meals (which just so happen to pair nicely with our Ladies Night wine!)

  • Oatmeal with nuts, coconut, and fruit
  • Pancakes with blueberries
  • An omelet station
  • Breakfast salad with quinoa
  • Gluten-free chocolate waffles with peanut butter
  • Cinnamon-date buns

You could even turn that dessert charcuterie board into a healthy charcuterie board. Just swap out all of those treats with fresh fruit, raw veggies, dips, and little appetizers, and you’re good to go!

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

Meal Prep Party

Don’t want to do all the work? You can also take a poll and ask your girlfriends to pick a favorite meal to prep together. All they have to do is bring their favorite cooking ingredients to the event, and suddenly, your Galentine’s Day is a meal prep party!

Just 4 girlfriends over for a good time (and a bottle of wine) can lead to a TON of left-over, healthy meals. And, who doesn’t love left-overs?

Theme Night Wines - Galentines Day

It’s Wine Time

Now that you’ve got your plans made and ready to go, you might be worrying about finding the right bottle of wine for the event. After all, it’s a bit hard to go taste-testing during a pandemic. Fortunately, here at Theme Night Wines, we have the perfect bottles of wine for you and the gals!

Theme Night Wines | Ladies Night Wines

Ladies Night Wine
is designed to go hand-in-hand with Galentine’s Day. This wine comes in three different selections so that there is a flavor for every attendee:

  • Ladies Night Rose
  • Ladies Night Chardonnay
  • Ladies Night Cabernet Sauvignon

Celebrate Galentine’s Day in style this year with you and your girlfriends by trying out a few of these ideas and being sure to sip away at a bottle of our Ladies Night wine!