Pizza Night

This is where it all began. Founder, Mario Asaro, was looking for a creative name for his homemade wine. He came up with Pizza Night because of the many treasured nights he and his family spent around the kitchen island with good friends, laughing and having pizza and wine. The name and it’s meaning was so well liked that he set out to find a great winemaker to bring the idea to life and to make it available to everyone.

Tasting Notes – Delicate red color with garnet hues. Combines the soft, fruity character of classic Merlot with hints of plum and cherry fruit of the Corvina grape. Pizza Pairing Suggestions – Perfect with margarita, pepperoni, sausage and anything deep dish. Serve at 61-63°F.

Tasting Notes – Light straw color. Fine, elegant, clean and intense aroma. Dry flavor with pleasant green apple aftertaste. Pizza Paring Suggestions – Enjoy with Margarita, white, truffle, fig and prosciutto and shrimp scampi and anything thin crust. Serve chilled at 46-50°F.


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