white wine for pizza night

Not all pizzas are created equal. While red wines are often recommended to pair with meat-topped pizza, a great white wine for Pizza Night is also an appropriate choice. Sommeliers say it’s perfect with “white” pizzas or more specialty toppings.  

But honestly? You don’t need a reason to buy a bottle of our white wine. If you love it, that’s the only reason you need. And we know you’ll want to make ours a regular part of your plans.  

We’ve put our name on an exquisite pinot grigio that’s elegant and crisp. It’s imported from Northern Italy—but belongs on your table. Buy our white wine for Pizza Night to elevate your evening.  **Imported from Northern Italy

Rated By The Sommelier Company

Tasting Notes – Light straw color. Fine, elegant, clean and intense aroma. Dry flavor with pleasant green apple aftertaste. Pizza Pairing Suggestions – Enjoy with Margarita, white, truffle, fig and prosciutto and shrimp scampi and anything thin crust. Serve chilled at 46-50°F.