How To Host An Adult Halloween Party!

Fright Night Hosting Adult Halloween Party

Another year of Halloween fun is upon us and let us be honest, 2020 aka “The year of Covid” has lacked, well…. FUN! So, let’s talk Halloween parties and bring a little spirit to the season, even though it is known as fright night, a Halloween bash can be tons of fun!

This year whether you are hosting an outdoor party, a “mask-querade” party or smaller scale soiree, there are endless theme choices for hosting an adult Halloween party, and thinking out of the box in my opinion is the way to go! Traditionally black and orange are the go-to colors for party décor, however with a little creativity purples, reds, and shades of white make for amazing Halloween party décor, although Halloween parties can be pulled off in any color scheme. Halloween parties are all about mystery, so whatever theme you choose make sure that you add mysterious events to the party. This will not only keep your guests excited during the party but also for the endless surprises next year!

Hallowine Party Invitation

You have your Halloween party theme, now what? Invitations of Course! It is easier than ever to send out an invitation for an adult Halloween party. While some people prefer to go the traditional route of sending out physical invite cards, many other tech savvy hosts prefer to send an invite Via Facebook or EVITE, or one of the many other social media platforms available. Not only is the process of sending a virtual invitation convenient and simple, but it also makes the RSVP process quick and easy. Plus you also have reminders that can be set and a surefire way to keep an accurate guest count!

Costumes have a major role in throwing a successful Halloween party, and honestly coming up with a Halloween costume is one of my favorite parts of the season! While there are plenty of costumes available online or in specialty shops,  many people choose to piece together items from their closet or that they may have around the house in order to create a perfect costume for them for this spooky season.   No matter which route you choose to go, always make sure your costume as a pop to make sure it stands out and you are noticed!

I mean let’s face it what Halloween party is complete without a costume contest!  Make sure to include the contest in the invitation of course!  This way you are sure to have your guests not only participate but put as much thought into their costumes as you put in to planning your bash!  Many people include prizes for their costume contests and games.  Prizes can range from a cute little trophy, to a mystery prize, some people even give away bottles of Halloween wine or gift cards! 

Theme Night Wines Fright Night candy corn

Halloween party drinks and food are two of the most important aspects of a successful party, as they offer a way to put a spooky twist on a traditional cocktail, snack or even inspire many to think outside of the box and come up with a new cool concoction. Generally, Halloween party food consists of finger foods, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres… Try to be creative but also do not forget to include easy traditional guest favorites! Such as mummy’s in a blanket, popcorn hands, chocolate covered strawberry ghosts, etc.

Some people choose to jazz cocktails up with eyeball fruit garnishes, while others make cool ice cubes in shapes of hands, bugs, and many other cool crafty designs. Simple little touches such as these will stand out and catch the attention of guests, making for great conversation and fun. If you have a simple, wine loving crowd, many people tend to ditch the creepy creative cocktails and go with a Halloween wine! Choose the best wine for a party, as well as cute wine décor and you are sure to please your crowd! People usually use Halloween wine (themes) and it can be served on its own in a cool decorative glass or used to make a Halloween sangria that will ensure a Fright Night of fun!

Fright Night Wine

Let’s not forget to tie the fun together by including games and party tunes! Games bring plenty of spirit and fun to any Halloween party! From spooky twists on traditional game night games such as a spooky cornhole, Halloween trivia or Halloween bingo, to an interactive scary scavenger hunt or a mummy rap contest, will have guests wondering if they are in for a trick or a spooky treat! No matter how big or small your party is going to be, music is a must to create a good vibe. The theme of the tune can be something related to horror night, top 40 picks or if your guests are daring, breaking out a karaoke machine is always a good way to amp up not only the atmosphere of the party but also offer a variety of music options and brings a burst of excitement to the party.

No matter what path your Halloween bash takes this year as long as you are sure to set a cool vibe and provide good food and interesting Wine or fright night cocktails you are guaranteed to be the hostess with the most-ess this frightful season!

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