It’s that time of year again, when it’s time to give gifts to friends, family, and others. This year has been a little rough on more than a fair share of people, however, so if you’re looking to save money while also providing a gift that your recipients will be sure to love, you might want to get a little creative!

Here at Theme Night Wines, we have created a Pinterest board that that will help you come up with the perfect gifts for all types of recipients, all for under $25! Let’s talk about a few of our most popular gift ideas for this holiday season.


Gift bags are super affordable gift options because bags are inexpensive, and it’s easy to slip in a bottle of wine and a few little items to show your gift recipient that you care. Here are a few gift ideas for gift bags:

Theme Night WInes | Our Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


For a romantic night that your significant other will be sure to love, a thoughtful gift bag that consists of their favorite treats, something really special catered to their unique personality, and maybe even a gag gift can make for a surprising but welcome present. Throw in a bottle of bottle of Our Night wine to add the finishing touch that will make the night even more romantic!

Theme Night WInes | Ladies Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


Show your girlfriends that you really value your friendships with them by curating the perfect lady’s night gift. Whether you like to have pampered spa days with your girlfriends or like going on shopping sprees, crafting a gift with a cute plaque that has a quote about friendship on it, box of chocolates, and a bottle of Ladies Night wine will be sure to make your girlfriends feel like you value your friendship with them.

Theme Night WInes | Winter Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


Celebrate the holidays in full with a winter night gift bag. Perfect for cold, winter evenings, this winter-inspired gift is ideal for pretty much anyone, especially teachers, nurses, and bosses, because you don’t need to put any personal gifts inside the bag. Just put a delicious bottle of Winter Night wine in it, and maybe even a plaque that says “thank you” on it to create an affordable winter gift that shows your appreciation.

Theme Night WInes | Game Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


What better way to celebrate the fun times that you have with someone than to make them a game night gift bag? A game night bag is a great way to party with friends from the comforts of your home this winter. Add in a few board games and a bottle of Game Night wine to play in style!

Theme Night WInes | Pizza Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


You can even make a pizza-themed gift bag for all the pizza lovers out there. All you need for this gift is a bottle of Pizza Night wine, though you can add in a bottle of Movie Night wine to make it even better.

Theme Night WInes | Movie Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


Speaking of movie nights, a movie night gift bag is a great gift idea for movie lovers who plan on getting cozy and binge-watching movies during the holiday season. Simply bag a bottle of Movie Night wine and maybe a favorite movie, to keep costs low. You can even consider hosting a movie night and watching your favorite holiday films to share in the festivities and enjoy a glass of Movie Night wine while you’re at it!

Theme Night WInes | Movie Night DIY Wine Basket under $25


Who doesn’t like getting a gift basket? For one, there can be anything put inside a basket, making it easy to customize. Secondly, it just plain looks good! Though gift baskets do generally cost more than a gift bag, you can still pull off a nice gift basket without breaking the bank. Just put the themed gift bags mentioned above inside a basket instead of a bag, and you’re good to go!

Check out our post on gift baskets for even more ideas on curating affordable gift baskets.

Holiday Ideas - Framiliy, WInter Night Gift Basket


If you’re hoping to craft a simpler gift, one way that you can make the most out of wine gift ideas is by using Theme Night Wines as stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers are a classy and aesthetically appealing way to get your family members into the Christmas spirit.

Imagine walking into the living room or festive office lounge to see stockings stuffed not with small treats and little gifts like traditional stockings, but rather, with wine! This stocking stuffer idea is perfect for both the home and the office, and the best part is it won’t break your budget.

Holiday Ideas - Our Night Gift Basket


Looking for a fun way to interact with and grow closer to those in your social groups? Try having a Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Most people go for unusual or funny knickknacks, which is totally okay if that’s your go-to for gift exchanges, but what about surprising your gift recipient with a bottle of wine?

Hosting a gift exchange for coworkers can help you bond over the winter holidays and presenting them with a bottle of wine just might secure your place at the top of the social ladder!


Make the most out of your wine without spending more than $25 by purchasing a bundle of our wine and then splitting up the bottles. This way, you can give each bottle as a separate gift, either in individual bags, baskets, stocking stuffers, or gift exchanges and add a little matching side gift in each. 

Theme Night Wines - Holiday Ideas For Gifts Under $25


Who says winter has to be full of seasonal blues and huge expenses on gifts for friends, family, and others? Though we might be a little biased here at Theme Night Wine, we think that the best way to celebrate the holiday seasons this year is with wine that your family and friends will love.