framily night


Wine is most often an essential addition to any evening plans from the simplest get-togethers to life’s biggest events.  Most of those moments are shared with friends, family and loves ones of all capacities. Theme Night Wines now brings you Framily Night to celebrate all the good friends that have become our chosen family and the family members that we consider true friends!  

**Imported from Northern Italy

Rated By The Sommelier Company
Tasting Notes – Soft elegant bouquet with the hints of red berries.

Sharing Pairing Suggestions – perfect with great sharing food like pulled pork nachos or sliders, BBQ baby back ribs, classic lasagna and charcuteries and cheese boards.  Finish with some delicious chocolate and strawberries.  Best served at about 55°F.
Rated 89 Points by the Sommelier Company
Framily Night | Pinot Noir 2